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TTB wins approval from ICO for GDPR certification scheme

The TrustBridge are delighted to have worked with APMG International to develop the 4th ICO approved UK GDPR Cerification Scheme.

The ICO (UK Information Commisioner's Office) has published the fourth UK GDPR certification scheme. ‘“Provision of Training and Qualifications Services’” which is aimed at training and qualification service providers, which is a scheme owned by TTB and APMG.

Emily Keaney, Deputy Commissioner, said: "In an era where trust and accountability are paramount, these schemes are a way of reassuring your customers, clients and suppliers that you hold additional expertise in a given area, are committed to building data privacy into your work and adhere to strong standards."

Certification schemes offer certainty to businesses to get things right and provide a binding framework for organisations to sign up to, ensuring they raise the bar when it comes to data protection.

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