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Benefits of working with The Trust Bridge

Few others have the range and depth of knowledge that our core team possesses. Together with our practical experience in commercial, not for profit and public sectors, with large multinationals as well as start ups, we offer tailored advice to suit our clients’ needs.


Our first priority is to protect our clients’ reputation and steer them to achieve compliance.

We ensure that the strategies we develop with them are right for the organisation.  

We work in the following areas:

Data Protection and Privacy Compliance Advice and Implementation

GDPR is a rare example of regulation that is pushing companies to act in a way that, if embraced, will enable them to grow faster, be more profitable and build more trusted relationships with their customers, their suppliers and their employees.   Other global regulations follow: CCPA amongst others

  • Data Privacy Impact Assessments / Legitimate Interest Assessments

  • Fast Data Protection Assessments 

  • Data Due Diligence

  • Data Discovery and Asset Mapping 

  • Risk Assessments

  • GDPR / Privacy regulation Audits 

  • Breach Management and Remedial advice

  • Cyber and Data Protection Due Diligence

  • Education and Training

Data Due Diligence

The TrustBridge  Report can be used as an independently accredited document to send to your clients and prospective clients together with any proposal or pitch you may be undertaking. It pre-empts any supplier due diligence questionnaire that they may require to be completed.

The TrustBridge  Report can also be used as a questionnaire in itself- for all organisations to use as a standard for their own suppliers to meet.    TTB can review upon completion and rate the supplier organisation for alignment and best practice.

Virtual DPO support and outsource DPO service
EU and UK Representative offices

Managed Services for Data Privacy Operations 

vDOC was set up to act as a one stop shop managed service that ensures the best fit, implementation and integration of privacy software to any organisation's data policy and processes


Intellectual Property Commercialisation Strategy

We can undertake a review of your knowhow and Intellectual Property Strategy with guidance on how to protect, value and commercialise IP.


Education and Mentoring

We offer a range of online courses across a range of subjects through our online learning portal.

We speak at events regular, broadcast webinars and work with clients to mentor and coach their teams through face to face training and one on one mentoring

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