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Data Protection Officer Interview Series

The Trust Bridge has established a peer to peer membership community to support DPOs, Head of Compliance, CISOs, HR managers and anyone dealing with data: The Arena for Data Protection Professional:

Our DPO Interview series is available to members on the ADPP site and on our YouTube channel 

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We are talking to DPOs about the key issues that they have faced and the challenges that they have overcome in aligning their organisations, processes and policies with the new Data Privacy Regulations Finance Sector / E commerce and retail / Government department / gaming / education sectors

  • Steve Wright: JLP and Bank of England ​

  • Steve Wilkinson: Defra 

  • Jenna Carter-French: Castle Leisure 

  • Peter Borner: The Data Privcay Group

  • Tarun Samtani : E commerce and mail order 

  • Moses Fabiyi: ex Zenith Bank, Internet Governance Experts 

  • Dr Waqas Hassan, CEO of Facit Data Systems: What the experts do not tell us about Data Protection. 

  • Lisa Wilson, Data Privacy Specialist (Interim at Arcadia) talks to Carol Tullo about her experiences

  • Emma Hall, Privacy Lead and Lega Counsel at Knight Frank 

  • Hayley Jaffrey, Global Privacy Leader at GSK (Pharma) talk to Carol Tullo about whether a DPO needs to be a lawyer...or not

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