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vDOC: data security as a managed service

In the Information Age, Data permeates the organisation like Oxygen and is as vital to its health and its future as Oxygen is to the body.

Data is spread within and across departmental boundaries, in and out of the organisation and flows in complex and evolving ways.

Data Strategy, Management and Operations need a multi-level, multi-disciplinary approach.

The most effective Data Strategy and Management Team includes C-Level decision makers, IT, Financial, Legal and Data Protection Resource.

TTB and Tricostar run vDOC, the Virtual Data Operations, a managed service centre to support your Data Strategy and Management and Protection needs; think of us as your Chief Data Officer.  


With a range of technology products and services to support all aspects of Data Strategy, Operations and Security, our experts and technology provide Data Strategy and Training through to all aspects of Data Management and security. 

To start we run a strategy workshop with senior management and key staff, leading a review of the business operations. This results in a recommendations and a plan of the next practical steps.   Once agreed, we implement and manage. 

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  • Determine your Data Ops Strategy

  • Finding and choosing the right tools and software

  • Managing and Maintaining good data operations

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To discuss our vDOC approved partner scheme, please contact us on

Managing considered  cyber decisions or just reacting : download webinar here 
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