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Below you will find a number of Articles written by our team and members of the Advisory Board, plus our Alliance Partners. Click on the title and down load the pdf files: 

How Data Lakehouses can help your alignment: ADCG (Association of Data & Cyber Governance)

Cyber Insurance: is it worth it? Will it pay out?: Darren Vye / Davis Clarke

Ransomware: consequences of doing a deal with the Devil: Malcolm Dowden / David Clarke

The Importance of the WISP: Penny Heyes and David Clarke plus an update with Tara Cho

Part 2

Review of the Schrems 11 Judgement: Malcolm Dowden

Steve Wilkinson: Data Privacy Specialist with DEFRA (Dept of Environment UK Govt): 

Steve's series of articles looking at the changes required in marketing in the new Data Privacy Era:

Author: Carol Tullo, OBE, LLB 

EDPR view on Article 27; Tim Bell, DPR Group

Cookies and Privacy: Lawrence Shaw, Rethinking Privacy

Author: Dr Graham Dodgson

Questions that Senior Management should be asking:  David Clarke FBCS

EU representative Offices; Stuart Anderson    


Author: Sandy Gilchrist - Covid 19 Briefings  - remote working 

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