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Data Impact Assessment

A Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) helps identify and minimise the data protection risks that may exist when any organisation processes personal data.


TTB can undertake DPIAs together with the Data Protection Officer and / or Senior Management

  • description of the nature, scope, context and purposes of the data processing;

  • assessment of the necessity, proportionality and compliance measures;

  • identification and assessment of risks to individuals; and

  • identification of additional measures the organisation will take to mitigate those risks.

TTB will assess the level of risk considering the likelihood and the severity of any impact on individuals of breach and processing.


Upon completing the High Risk Processing tables and the Record of Processing, TTB will review, undertake a Data Impact Assessment review and report.


During this process a Legitimate Interest Assessment will be undertaken to review and document the purpose of data processing, how the organisation benefits and if any 3rd parties benefit, and the importance of these.  It will also look at the impact on the organisation of non processing, and profiling and any other ethical issues.   

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