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Breach Management 

Failure to report a data breach could result in

A fine up to 20 million euros or 4 per cent of global turnover

Do all Data Breaches need to be reported to the Supervising Regulatory Authority?


What constitutes a ‘personal data breach’?


How long do you have before a Data Breach must be reported to the Supervising Regulatory Authority?


What defines a high risk data breach ?


When do Individuals at high risk affected by a data breach need to be notified?


When does a Data Processor need to notify the Data Controller of a suspected breach?


What must a notification of a data breach include?


How should you inform individuals about the breach?


Are there any exceptions where data breaches do not have to be reported?

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"If, within the time limit, an organisation has no clue as to the who, the what, the how of a breach, then it is clear that they do not have the required accountability data checks and balances in place - as required by law."
ICO Dec 2018
Contact us at The Trust Bridge for immediate help if you suspect a data breach in your organisation or that of a 3rd party
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