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The Arena for Data Protection Professionals is a membership group established to help support our peers in this new and complex Data era.

Members meet regularly to chat over breakfast or an after work glass of wine, to exchange thoughts and views around topical subjects relating to Data Protection and Cyber Security, regulation and current trends. And of course, we meet virtually too.


Our Mission Statement:

The mission of ADPP is to facilitate the growth and learning of Data Professionals by providing virtual and in-person opportunities to share their thoughts, challenges and triumphs and where they may learn about the most important and recent issues affecting their industry, profession, and organizations

Membership entitles you to:​

  • Webinars run on a regular basis to examine areas in depth, and other resources such as the Library of articles, Clinics and Workshops.

  • Discounts on our independently accredited online courses. webinars and boot camps for your organisation and staff

  • Access to our Recruitment board where we will be advertising positions within our sector; permanent, temporary, and our Consultancy Portal where freelance short (by the minute) projects will be adertised

  • Access to events that we will be running, at member prices

  • Access to interviews with other DPOs from other sectors, and podcasts with specialists in this area: why not take part in one yourself?

  • Access to the Reviews in our Technology Parade to help find the right ones for you

  • A Digital Badge awarded by APMG: these are credentials that symbolise learning achievements at any level - knowledge, skills, certificates, diplomas, certifications or licences. Every badge contains a set of metadata defined by the issuer (in our case APMG International, the independent certification body) about the skills being recognised, and the accomplishments achieved

Membership Rates

For a limited period only, we are offering a standard yearly membership for an individual at GPB £150 ex VAT/ US$ 175

To join please click on the Join Us page

Following registration, you will be redirected to PayPal for payment. If you require an invoice, please contact us at

Membership Rules 

Membership of ADPP (Arena for Data Protection Professionals) is open to any individual who has an interest in joining and assisting the organisation and participating in activities to further our mission and objectives, according to the following rules and requirements:

  1. ADPP members are professionals working with data and interested in the maintenance of good data governance, hygiene and best practice.

  2. ADPP members should:Positively contribute to the overall knowledge pool for the ADPP communityAbide by the Chatham House rules at all networking and face to face eventsPositively reflect on ADPP membershipContinue to develop data governance and visibility and importance within their organisationContinue the Professional Development of the personnel of their organisation

  3. Positively contribute to the overall knowledge pool for the ADPP community

  4. Abide by the Chatham House rules at all networking and face to face events

  5. Positively reflect on ADPP membership

  6. Continue to develop data governance and visibility and importance within their organisation

  7. Continue the Professional Development of the personnel of their organisation

  8. ADPP may alter membership fees in the future, at its discretion.

  9. Membership is dependent upon payment of fees for a period of one year from the date of initial membership. Members will be duly informed of any changes to subscription fees and payment methods.

  10. All members are bound by the terms contained within this rule.

  11. No membership implies any legal responsibility on behalf of ADPP for the practice of that member/organisation toward other ADPP clients or members, or members of the public.

  12. Where it is considered that membership would be detrimental to its aims and activities, ADPP reserves the right to refuse membership to an applicant.

  13. Any member of ADPP may resign membership and/or any position held as part of membership, by submitting a written notice to that effect to the ADPP.

  14. Members retain responsibility for cancelling subscriptions with their own banks and if a member who terminates or intends to terminate does not cancel their membership dues, they will be deemed a member in good standing until the period when these dues are next set to expire.

  15. ADPP reserves the right to terminate or suspend the membership of any member, if

(a) dues are not paid,

(b) that member’s conduct is considered detrimental and prejudicial to the interests and objectives of ADPP.

Where members have any concerns, these should be addressed directly to at the earliest opportunity


Full Member - £150.00 (GBP)/ US $ 175

Subscription period: 1 year No automatically recurring payments

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