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Data Protection and Privacy (GDPR) Alignment Programme

The Trust Bridge’s Data Protection and Privacy (GDPR) Alignment Programme will help your organisation become compliance aligned quickly and thereby significantly mitigating the risk of incurring punitive penalties as well as creating a trusted transparent environment for your customers, consumers and suppliers alike.


The Trust Bridge™ Programme offers organisations a unique combination of superior quality consulting and practical solutions to ensure GDPR Alignment, designed to deliver trusted, compliant services to its customers. 


  • Ensure all stakeholders are informed and engaged with the opportunities and challenges that GDPR offers 

  • Achieve a potential GDPR alignment roadmap using a multi-strand/concurrent delivery model.

  • Develop a third party alignment process and roadmap in the critical supply chain

  • Enable critical components of the GDPR to be in an auditable state.

  • Develop a bespoke guidance model aligned with the UK ICO guidance model.



It is crucial that all senior managers understand the key principles of GDPR, the penalties, the risk and implications for the organisation and personal accountability and liability. The Trust Bridge runs a workshop for board directors and senior management teams prior to undertaking a review of the organisation's data management policies and processes.



We undertake a Strategic review of the organisation's objectives, structure and business processes. We interview key staff, providing The Trust Bridge with the depth of knowledge required to scope the Alignment programme. This stage includes a review of the business strategy and operations with a summary of recommendations and next steps.



  • Review your organisation’s current data and communication policy and develop a GDPR gap analysis and risk assessment for your organisation and related third parties

  • Advise any organisational and strategy changes required.

  • Deliver an alignment process and implementation roadmap for your organisation and 3rd parties in the critical supply chain 

  • Scope and recommend practical technical solutions and best practice and architect GDPR Governance and Accountability 

  • Train staff.


The Benefits

  • Board level understanding of the opportunities and challenges inherent in GDPR 

  • Accelerated Alignment to GDPR Compliance and a plan to achieve this

  • Education and Knowledge transfer for all personnel: Your organisation’s key stakeholders will be made fully aware of the implications that the organisation may face and their personal liability

  • Outline Framework: Your organisation will be prepared to implement the changes required to ensure Consent-Based compliance with a coordinated multi-pronged approach

  • Step by Step Roadmap: Your organisation will be better prepared with a defined but flexible implementation plan and accountability

  • Social Responsibility: increase in the perceived trust between your customer and your organisation through greater transparency, responsibility and accountability

  • Provision of an agree direction for legacy data, Current Data and future proofing capabilities

  • Alignment with the UK Data Protection Authority's criteria for good practice.


Fast GDPR Assessment

Do you need a fast assessment?

Do you have some key question about the GDPR regulation?

Do you need to assess the level of risk within your organisations?

Do you need to understand the questions you should be asking your team?

  • Define the data landscape in your organisation

  • Explore what may be needed to meet GDPR 

  • Identify the risks

  • Develop a blueprint to meet those goals

  • Define the next steps and a plan

Speak, in confidence, with one of our Data Privacy team. 

The Trust Bridge Fast Data Protection Assessment Service:

1 Hour by phone / skype  £399 

Half Day with you and / or your team:  £999 


Prices are quoted excluding VAT

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