Fast Data Protection Assessment

Do you need a fast data protectio assessment?

Do you need a quick compliance check?

Do you have some key questions about the data privacy regulations?

Do you need to understand the questions you should be asking your team?

  • Define the data landscape in your organisation

  • Explore what may be needed for compliance

  • Identify the risks

  • Develop a blueprint to meet those goals

  • Define the next steps and a plan


Speak, in confidence, with one of our Data Privacy team. 

The Trust Bridge Fast Data Protection Assessment Service:

First Half Hour byt phone or Video Conference


1 Hour by phone / video conferencing  


£199 / US$ 249

Half Day with you and / or your team: 

£399 / US$ 499


Prices are quoted excluding VAT and travel expenses

Prices are for remote sessions only. Additional costs will apply for on premise sessions. 

For these fast asessment sessions, we will work with you and your team using your preferred video conference system. 

For a face to face working session, please contact us to discuss and arrange a date.