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 Virtual DPO: ongoing support 

Under the GDPR, it is mandatory for certain data controllers and processors to designate a Data Protection Officer (DPO). 


DPO is the cornerstone of accountability and appointing a DPO facilitates compliance and provides a competitive advantage for businesses, reinforcing trust in their handling of personal data.


This role of DPO can be a difficult and isolated in the organizational structure. The Trust Bridge™ offers guidance and support to DPOs as well as providing (temporarily) a virtual DPO for companies who have not yet appointed their own, or where training and expertise need some time.


All organisations need professional data protection and The Trust Bridge™ provides the organisation’s existing team with additional support without the associated cost of recruitment or personnel management.


The Trust Bridge™ can provide the wisdom, experience and skills needed to make sure that your organization satisfies the supervisory authorities and ensures ongoing trust from your employees and customers alike.



  • Cost-efficient and effortless privacy and data protection solution

  • Permanently available partner in privacy and data protection

  • Compliance with the GDPR's DPO requirements

  • Constant access to Privacy Professionals

  • Independent advice and solutions


We offer a number of services on a one-off or monthly subscription basis (minimum period 6 months) ​



  • Undertake an Impact assessment 

  • Create Data register 

  • Document maintenance – for 6 month period

  • Dedicated helpline 12 hours per day

  • Annual audit 

  • Mentoring/Coaching (ongoing) 

  • Emergency Breach Response (one per period) 

  • Remote DPO

  • Remote Governance

  • Email/SMS/Signal

  • Calls

  • Onsite 

  • Access

  • Remote 

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TOP DPO’s | Checklist Finally Revealed

Before you select a Data Protection Officer, read our 49 point exclusive checklist in our

free report: 

"49 point DPO checklist for selecting an outsourced DPO

Call or email us for your free copy 


UK: 44(0) 207 1755 882

USA: 803 348 0000


Client Comments:

"This is fantastic! Thank you so much.  You guys rock!"

"Thank you so much. I really appreciate (this advice"

"I will adjust to reflect yur advice. You are complete stars. Thank you!"

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