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Ransomware: consequences of doing a deal with the devil

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

If your organisation suffers a ransomware attack- what should you do?

• What are the consequences of paying up?

• Will Cyber Insurance cover the cost?

• Pitfalls: the decisions you need to make

• Preparation and mitigation

We will be joined on this panel discussion by Malcolm Dowden, Data protection, privacy and technology lawyer, from global law firm, Squire Patton Boggs. Malcolm has much experience dealing with the legal aspects of cyber and ransomware attacks.

David Clarke, of TTB, will be explaining the best ways to mitigate and prepare to ensure you are ready in case of possible security incidents.

We are also delighted that Speaker J will be joining us to give us an insight into the issues that arose and the decisions that had to be made whilst under an attack which threatened to cripple her business, globally. What happened, what did the organisation do, and how have they recovered and prepared to prevent a repeat. Sharing this practical experience is invaluable for us all.

the video of this webinar is available on our Youtube channel:


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