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New Trans-Atlantic Tech Partnership Brings Next Generation Solutions to Healthcare Security

The TrustBridge (TTB), with offices in UK and USA, and Chicago-based Didgebridge (DB) are today announcing a formal collaborative alliance to better address the accelerating security & privacy challenges confronting the Healthcare sector within the UK, EU, and USA with specific focus on “Digital-Hipaa”. Within this collaborative mission, the companies are offering proprietary technologies and supporting guidance to help clients understand, and minimize security & privacy risks in healthcare.

Combined with The Trust Bridge™ combination of expertise and advice, practical solutions and implementation, operating at all the touchpoints of Data Protection: GDPR, CCPA and other Global Data Privacy regulation, Didgebridge offers a number of solutions for organisations who are keen to ensure that their customers’ data is protected and secure from data mining, exploitation and cyber attacks. Didgebridge's focus is upon the privacy issues that arise from us of the public internet for data transfer and communication.

Joint offering:

TTB and Didgebridge will undertake a Situational Assessment (e.g Gap Analysis/ Data Mapping) during which will review the current business processes, the existing data protection and privacy processes and project plan for GDPR Alignment and highlight both areas of good practice and of potential risk and make key recommendations for action.

We will assess the systems currently being used, with specific reference to the internet and other platforms used in the collection, storage and processing of data, providing "Public Internet Communication" (PIC) privacy assessments.

Following the initial assessment, a report will be presented identifying key priorities, including an assessment score using TTB’s proprietary system with summary recommendations and statement of the next practical steps. Once the gaps, risks and priorities are identified, a strategy workshop will be undertaken and then an implementation plan is proposed and undertaken.

For more information or to schedule an initial chat about how we can help your organisation, contact us via

Tel: + 44 7768 962 480 (UK) or US: 803 348 0000 (USA)


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