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Privacy Groups Join Forces To Share Best Practices, Resources To Protect Consumer Privacy

ADPP And Kantara Collaborate To Improve Privacy Protections For Billions

The Arena for Data Protection Professionals (ADPP) run by The Trust Bridge, and the Kantara Initiative announced their alliance which aims to share best practices, knowledge and thought leadership to strengthen consumer privacy and expand privacy protections impacting billions of people on the planet. The collaboration will take the form of a privacy forum and bring like-minded companies and individuals together to discuss the issues and to take action in the form of technical specifications, frameworks and standards development.

Kantara is the only organization focused on both privacy and digital identity. Its purpose is to give control of personal data back to people through specification and conformance scheme development. ADPP supports data protection and privacy professionals in their task to implement training schemes and practical tactics within their organizations.

Colin Wallis, executive director, Kantara Initiative said: “We like the approach that ADPP is taking: a peer to peer community where we can all share in order to advance our mutual objectives of delivering secure and managed services to consumers whilst protecting their privacy.”

Penny Heyes, manager, ADPP concurred: “We have worked with Kantara over the last few years as our aims are compatible. We are delighted to welcome Kantara members whose contributions we welcome.”

Meetings and Membership

Kantara and ADPP will be running joint events throughout 2020.


About ADPP

Since global regulations surrounding data privacy and protection have strengthened the data handling framework, the data professional is core to the management of every organization. Many Data Protection Officers and Heads of Compliance are working in isolation.

ADPP has been established as a peer to peer community where support is available for anyone dealing with data: DPOs, Heads of Compliance, CTOs, CISOs, Marketing Communications managers, Customer Service managers, CIOs.

ADPP runs regular Webinars, virtual Events, plus Workshops, Online courses. We offer advice (from other professionals) on technology product selection, a curated news feed.

We are organizing face to face events, where we can meet, under Chatham House rule, to network with our Data Protection and Privacy Peers. At these networking events, we will ask a guest speakers to talk for a few minutes about a topical issue where we can learn and debate. Follow us on Twitter @digitalarenaco

About Kantara Initiative

The Kantara Initiative is the leading global community commons improving trustworthy use of identity and personal data through innovation, standardization and good practice. Kantara nurtures ground-breaking R&D, develops specifications and operates conformity assessment programs for the digital identity and personal data ecosystems. Kantara provides its coveted eID assisting Identity Assurance Trust Mark and groundbreaking specifications for User Managed Access, and the privacy enabling Consent Receipt. More information is available at

Follow Kantara Initiative on Twitter — @KantaraNews


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