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Partnership working and learning - and AI

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

The Trust Bridge took the opportunity to share insights into the data issues that flowed from a range of talks and discussions hosted by IBM in association with Exeter University, at their Hursley R & D Lab on November 22.  The focus was on Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Law.  From lightning pitches on autonomous cars, health data and blockchain, to IP and financial products, the challenges were examined. 

There are some key GDPR and Privacy points that we would like to make to help those operating in a machine learning environment: * trust in the digital content and provenance builds reputation and confidence and asset value * machine learning services use personally identifiable data. *storing, transferring, sharing and re-using data requires privacy compliance and understanding of GDPR obligations * machine vision  technology, face and voice are categories of personal data * using technology solutions is not purely an IT led discussion but goes to the root of business operations

Given the near universal awareness that identity has a unique value and risks compromise daily, applying a risk based approach across all audiences and in our personal lives requires must be an essential part of every organisation’s culture.

The recent purchase of an on device AI software company by Apple illustrates their solution in not communicating or drawing down data in the cloud.  All attendees contemplated The wider context of AI operations and we had all looked beyond our own areas of specialism, if only for a few hours!


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