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Launching fully immersive Cyber Incident Simulation

We have recently started working with Bill Mew, the Global Head of Cyber for the IARCC (International Association Risk & Crisis Communication) on a really interesting concept - a fully immersive cyber incident simulation. It has been endorsed, and in fact developed in conjunction with IARCC.

In thess Cyber Simulations, which give a sense of urgency, we looks at the key decisions that have to be made by management under stress and duress. A Video can be viewed here in which Penny talks to our colleague Bill who works with us on this. The simulation can be done as a workshop virtually and face to face either bespoke for one organization, or for a number of organizations together as an "open" event, using a "generic" scenario (albeit tailored to a sector).

Get in touch if you would like to arrange a Simulation for your organisation

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