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ECIA Announces The Trust Bridge as Newest Addition to ECIA Service Partner Program


CONTACT:Jennifer Read

February 18, 2020


ECIA Announces The Trust Bridge as Newest Addition to ECIA Service Partner Program

Atlanta - ECIA is pleased to welcome The Trust Bridge™ to its ECIA Service Partner (ESP) Program. The Trust Bridge offers organizations a unique combination of expertise, advice, and practical implementation, combined with independently accredited training, in the data protection and operations area, and in cyber security.

"The Trust Bridge supports ECIA in their mission to bring thought leadership and best practice to the electronic component sector,” explained Penny Heyes, COO The Trust Bridge. “Our work in Data Operations and Protection aims to ensure that all members are aware of the opportunities as well as the challenges that the new Data Privacy regulations bring, and to help them mitigate risk of breach and cyber incidents. We plan to work with ECIA in our project to develop industry guidelines and technical standards for the privacy and regtech software.”

Alan Davis, Director of North American Operations said, "The Trust Bridge has been working in the data privacy and protection area for many years in Europe and the UK. We are now offering that expertise to North America providing comprehensive technical, legal and operational services to members."

“I’m excited to have The Trust Bridge become our latest ECIA Service Partner. Our members have responded very positively to the webinars we have conducted with them,” added Victor Meijers, ECIA Senior Vice President. “I look forward to expanding our partnership to develop programs to inform our members about this important area.”

The ECIA Service Partner (ESP) program was established to extend the value and offering of the Association to its members. By leveraging outside organizations that have a proven track record of working with our industry, ECIA can offer additional benefits to our members in addressing business needs that are deemed to not be part of the Association’s core functions. Each ESP relationship is established by invitation only and is offered to organizations whose primary purpose aligns with the mission of the Association.

About ECIA

The Electronic Components Industry Association (ECIA) is made up of the leading electronic component manufacturers, their manufacturer representatives and authorized distributors. ECIA members share a common goal of promoting and improving the business environment for the authorized sale of electronic components. Comprised of a broad array of leaders and professionals representing all phases of the electronics components supply chain, ECIA is where business optimization, product authentication and industry advocacy come together. ECIA members develop industry guidelines and technical standards, as well as generate critical business intelligence. For more information, visit or call 678-393-9990.

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