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Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Law

Hosted by the IBM Hursley Ecosystem Advocacy Group 23rd November 2018 Hursley House Auditorium


The Trust Bridge has been invited to present a feature at the AI event being hosted by IBM on November 23rd in Winchester, UK.

With the development of AI in this area the key element is the content, and its ongoing development. 

At TTB, we have the expertise and the client experience to supply the key content for AI application. The team has been working with GDPR and other data privacy laws for over 6 years in various capacities. 


  • Knowledge and expertise

  • Specialist content, with case studies,

  • Understanding of the key questions and the main concerns that clients have

  • Practical implications of GDPR and other Data Privacy laws.

We also keep a watching brief on all developments across Europe and the rest of the worlds as GDPR is adopted and adapted. 

For more information, visit the site


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