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GDPR / Data Privacy Audit and Due Diligence

an audit service for organisations who are undertaking any due diligence on a 3rd party organisation for supply chain, investment or merger / acquisition

TTB will review the 3rd party organization’s current business processes and the existing data protection and privacy processes to highlight both areas of good practice and areas of potential risk.  Key gaps and areas of concern will be identified and prioritised including a risk analysis.


TTB will report on the status of any 3rd party organisation to ensure either that it is aligned with these regulations or report where there are current and potential problem areas.

Where TTB identifies areas of concern they can also recommend remedial action and, where required, work with the client to implement the necessary changes to operations and procedures to comply with governmental regulations. This is an opportunity for companies to evolve their data security and privacy systems and processes into best practice and embed a data-aware culture across their organisation and third-party suppliers and partners.

Implications for Mergers and Acquisitions

TTB also undertakes Data Privacy and Security Due Diligence on acquisition target companies on behalf of the acquiring company.

TTB wins approval from ICO (UK regulator) for GDPR  Audit certification scheme

The TrustBridge are delighted to have worked with APMG International to develop the 4th ICO approved UK GDPR Cerification Scheme.


The ICO (UK Information Commisioner's Office) has published the fourth UK GDPR certification scheme. ‘“Provision of Training and Qualifications Services’” which is aimed at training and qualification service providers, which is a scheme owned by TTB and APMG.

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