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David Clarke, TTB's CTO named as top 100 Risk Management Influencer

Onalytica has been creating Top 100 Influencer lists for the past 10 years, connecting brands with influencer communities. The marketplace is now looking to understand who is influential beyond Twitter social amplifiers. The influential experts are selected using Onalytica’s 4 Rs methodology (Reach, Resonance, Relevance and Reference). Quantitative data is pulled through LinkedIn, Twitter, Personal Blogs, YouTube, Podcast, and Forbes channels, and the qualitative data is pulled by Onalytica's insights and analytics team, capturing offline influence.

"Risk management is a process of establishing decisions that will decrease adverse effects of numerous risks on an organisation. Risk management software aims to observe and identify a variety of risks which organisations could face due to various types of compliances. The main purpose is to identify a risk, lessen its impact and efficiently manage it. To protect themselves from data security breaches, for example, organisations should consider investing in risk management. It allows for better decision-making, realistic expectations, prevented or reduced liability and protected public image".

The Onalytica Who’s Who report provides a varied sample of influential voices discussing risk management online.


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