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Online Learning

The Trust Bridge has partnered with e-careers, the professional elearning platform, to deliver courses relating to Data Privacy Regulations and Compliance.


Our e-learning courses have been accredited by the global independent certification body, Cepas Bureau Veritas. CEPAS is the Personnel and Training Courses certification arm of Bureau Veritas, the recognized world leader in testing, inspection and certification services. CEPAS is a full member of IPC (International Personnel Certification Association), the only international association of the most important Auditor and Training certification bodies. 

In addition, The Trust Bridge's Breach course "Data Breach and How to Manage it" is an APMG International Certified Training Course. APMG has been appointed as the independent Certification Body for The National Cyber Security Centre, the UK government's cyber and security agency.

This course now has a APMG accredited exam associated with it and a digital badge is available to successful candidates

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All our courses can be accessed through our Online Learning Portal;


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Courses include: 


Introduction to the principles of GDPR

In the digital society, consumers are constantly sharing their personal information (data) with a range of organisations. GDPR and the Data Protection Act of 2018 aim to protect and regulate the use of that personal data. There is a greater responsibility on organisations to protect their customers’ data and they can be fined up to 4% of their annual global turnover (or €20 million, whichever is greater) if they are not compliant. This course is perfect for familiarising yourself with the rules and ensuring that your organisation is compliant.

Data Breach and how to manage it

Has your company taken the right measure to avoid data breaches and mitigate the risk? Is your 3rd party network prepared? If you suffer a breach, do you have the right processes in place to manage it and ensure you take the right remedial action? This course will look at how to avoid breaches of data privacy and how to minimise the effects.

Marketing in the new Data Privacy Era 

This course examines marketing to clients, consumers and members. It looks at Consent and how best to manage that together with Opt-in options, Legitimate Interest and where that applies, event management and membership management. 


The TrustBridge™ has teamed up with Keywords Studios  to offer exclusive online learning courses for the Video Game industry.

Our collaboration offers a unique combination of expertise that ensures that we deliver trusted and accredited training in the new GDPR regulations, PECR and e-privacy laws for game developers and owners.

This experience over many years working in the Data Privacy, Cyber Security and Compliance sectors with global organisations, coupled with Keywords Studios' insight into the Video Game industry will help you align yourself with the new Data Privacy regimes including GDPR

For more informantion click here 


Face to Face Workshops

TTB can develop bespoke face to face workshops with industry specific content, case studies and exercises.  Prior to these workshops, and in the preparation phase, we will undertake some short (phone or email) interviews and questionnaires with key staff to determine the key areas for consideration.

Data Breaches and how to mitigate the risk / manage them

  • When a breach or possible breach is suspected, the Data Protection / Security officer in any organisation will need to be aware of key steps to take.

  • Has your company taken the right measure to avoid data breaches and mitigate the risk?

  • Is your 3rd party network prepared? I

  • If you suffer a breach, do you have the right processes in place to manage it and ensure you take the right remedial action? 

  • Under the new data protection regulations being introduced globally, there are regulations that protect and regulate the use of an individual’s personal data.  This webinar will look at how to avoid breaches of data privacy and how to minimise the effects and risks


Managing the Communications in Data Breach: Stakeholders and Media

The Trust Bridge and ESTIME (run by David Tebbut and Neil Aremband) have identified a number of 'touch points' with third parties where the organisation risks unnecessary exposure. These are related to data privacy breaches and are primarily interaction and communication with the media and stakeholders - both internal and external.

As organisations are increasingly threatened by sensitive data leaks, it is important for all stakeholders and media-facing staff to be trained in how to steer potentially awkward meetings and media interviews to mutually acceptable conclusions.


Marketing in the new Data Privacy Era

  • With the introduction of GDPR and with other countries and states introducing strengthened data privacy laws, marketing to customers, consumers, clients, prospects, members, delegates and contacts requires careful handling.

  • All organizations need to define their approach and regulatory framework to follow when communicating with their audiences.

  • PECR are the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations: full title is The Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003. They are derived from European law. ... The EU is in the process of replacing the e-privacy Directive with a new e-privacy Regulation to sit alongside the GDPR


Data Privacy by Design  - examining the concept of data privacy, data protection in the data processing and business practices which should be endemic and embedded in all processes, policies and psyche of your organisation. Looking at, current and future products throughout their life cycle from the design stage onwards.  That data privacy and its utmost security is the default mode of any organisation and its staff. Treating the data subject (consumer, member, client, employee) with respect and adopting policies and embracing data ethics as a mantra. 

Age Verification - There is growing concern about the role of the internet in the distribution of material affecting children.  The Parental Control and Verification of Parental Consent clauses in GDPR are an attempt to manage child access to internet based services, games and mobile apps.  We will review the processes to gain parental consent, looking at how they can be improved and what steps are required so the organisation specifically, ensures that children are protected properly.  We will then examine how these can be put into practice.

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