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Schrems II Judgement: Implications and practical solutions

Seminar to explain the key issues of your organisation's data flow, plus FREE 15 minute one on one consultation
July 30th at 16.00 BST / 11am ET / 8 am PT via Zoom 
(joining details will be sent following registration)
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Do you know where you data flows to and from?


Do you deal with customers resident in the US and EU or UK?

Do you need a representative office in the EU or UK? 

We are running a seminar which examines the practical implications and consequences for your organisation as a result of this significant judgement. 
Run by Malcolm Dowden, Legal Director,  David Clarke, FBCS, together wth Jonathan Bowker of Innovative Integrations,  this seminar and the following one on one assessment will give you a prioritised plan of action to ensure GDPR regulation alignment
Register for this seminar below:
UK price £45 inc VAT 
USA price $55


Following the webinar, all attendees will be offered a free 15 minute video conference consultation to discuss your organization's specific situation on one of the following 3 issues: 

1. For UK based organisations: consultation to discover if data is flowing to the USA or other countries

2. For US based organisations:  a consultation to determine if you require an EU or UK representative office (as per Article 27 under GDPR) thus mitigating the risk of 10 million Euro fine

3. For all organisations: preparing for Brexit and UK GDPR compliance


On July 16th 2020 the European Court of Justice ruled that the EU-US Privacy Shield arrangement was unlawful.  The judgment gives greater power to EU regulatory authorities to suspend or prohibit EU-US transfers of personal data, and potentially poses a threat to organisations who are not prepared.  It also brings into question the validity of standard contract clauses any organisation may rely on to legitimise international transfers of personal data.

Why should this affect you and your organisation and why should you take notice and take action now?

You could be in breach of the Data Protection Regulations around the world and subject to an immediate fine of up to €20 million ($22 million) or 4% of global annual turnover (whichever is higher).

You may be forced to SUSPEND or CEASE business with those 3rd parties to and from whom you transfer personal data.

In this webinar Malcolm Dowden of Transatlantic law firm WBD, Jonathan Bowker CEO of Innovative Integrations and David Clarke of The Trust Bridge will examine the key issues which should concern every CEO and Board director.  They will also look at a fast seamless way to identify if your organisation is potentially in breach and thus subject to a fine of up to  €10 million fine, and what to do to avoid that.

  • Be aware of any transfers of personal data to the US; and

  • More precisely, be aware of the particular US States to which personal data is being transferred; and

  • Seek specific confirmation that the receiving State affords meaningful protection and that this is covered in your contract clauses.

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