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London Media and Marketing Privacy Summit

May 22nd 2018: London Media and Marketing Privacy Summit Sponsored by Kantara Initiative, The Trust Bridge & IBM 

Feedback from delegates:

On 2018-05-22 16:50, XXXX wrote:Hi Penny,Many thanks. Great to see you today. I very much enjoyed the sessions. Marketing and PR are definitely important areas to get right for GDPR.Best wishes.

Thank you, Colin,

Well done to all of you onthe event. It was a pleasure to meet you in person. If not for my US trip tomorrow I would have loved to stay for the full day.  

Fri 25/05, 15:18

Hi Penny,I enjoyed the session earlier this week. Will you be sharing any of the presentation material?


Hi Penny, Good to chat with you too, it was a really good event, genuinely the most interesting/relevant GDPR event I have attended.

Hello Penny, Thanks inviting me to yesterday’s event. The feedback from people at the end of the day was good to hear.


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