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Creating a Knowledge Hub

The Trust Bridge offers a fully tailored news feed, bringing the most up to date information and comment around topics that interest you and your colleagues, that affect your organisation and sector.

TTB’s Chronicle’s unique combination of AI engine and collaborative workflow help you sort key information from the general noise

Having a curated newsfeed and newsletter service in your own organisaition brings life to market information:

  • Grow knowledge and expertise amongst your team

  • With increased knowledge, you build authority

  • Be ahead of the competition and achieve your goals

  • Team collaboration increases productivity, competitiveness, and quality of knowledge

  • Collaborate with other team members to ensure all key areas are covered.

  • Discover content from previously unavailable sources and commentators

  • Take advantage of topic based “feeds” of relevant articles, videos and conversations

  • Source content from RSS, Twitter, Google alerts, enterprise systems, newsletters and other published sources. 

  • Filters can be configured including keywords, Boolean, for tight topical control. Offers full text search, tags for categorization and search.

  • Curate content to ensure your own tailored newsletters and information feeds in one place.

  • Edit by adding summaries, annotations, comments & votes.

  • Create news boards to discuss and enrich content collaboratively

  • Create internal newsletters for all employees

  • Publish on your own social media feeds, or for internal newsboard

For more information about how we can help you build your own internal Knowledge Hub contact us:



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