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Influencer Marketing and Sales 

The Trust Bridge™ has developed a methodology that will enable client companies to identify and evaluate their product, brand and marketing strategy to develop their marketing plans, tactics, media mix and appropriate brand / product messages

Sales and Marketing Strategy Development including Channel Strategy 

Marketing has been decibed as the dark side of technology! The Trust Bridge reviews the need for all 3 elements to work together to achieve a successful strategy

"The power of alliance partnerships and the opportunities they offer are often underestimated. The Trust Bridge helps you to network with the most trusted names in the partner ecosystem to maximise synergies”  


David Clarke, CTO The Trust Bridge


Influencer Marketing

The Trust Bridge offers an Influencer marketing programme ensuring that our clients’ products or services are seen by the key target audience.  Working with our network of high profile specialists and influencers, clients and alliance partners we will use the TTB established portals, media channels to support and promote your product / service. We will also work with clients to identify specific opportunities for broadcast, promotional features, interviews.

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