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Data Protection and Information/ Cyber Security


The Trust Bridge™ offers organisations a unique combination of expertise and advice, combined with practical implementation of projects within the Data Privacy and Cyber arena.  We are one of a small group of organisations who run and co-own a UK GDPR certification scheme using ICO*-approved certification criteria (*Information Commissioner's Office, the UK regulatory authority).  We offer NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) Assured Training.


We operate at all the touchpoints of Data Privacy / Protection and Cyber Security, including the management of Cyber Attacks and Data Breaches, implementing GDPR, CCPA and other regulations from other jurisdications globally, PECR and linked e-privacy laws.


Cyber Attack and Data Breach Incident Crisis management:  Who are you going to call?  Management of incidents is key and time sensitive. From managing the initial response to a data breach / cyber attack, finding a fast solution to ensure your organisation can carry on, repairing and rebuilding, communication to the relevant people (customers / regulatory authorities, etc.), preparing incident reports, undertaking risk analyses, developing plans for risk mitigation, reviewing lessons learnt and implementing plan for improvement, TTB can guide you through


Cyber Attack and Ransomware Simulation

A Cyber Simulation exercise is a training exercise that replicates a real cyber / security / ransomware incident, and demonstrates what can happen, so you can see what to do. 

Simulation gives real life, real time training for your team so they know what to expect when under attack: What to do / When / Who to tell

Ongoing Data Protection Support: all organisations need professional data protection and The Trust Bridge™ provides the organisation’s existing team with additional support without the associated cost of recruitment or personnel management.


Education and Training: The Trust Bridge™ offers training seminars to organisations which can help senior management teams and all personnel understand what they need to know and do to ensure the company is GDPR Aligned on an ongoing basis.

In addition, our accredited and certified online courses are available through our partners.

Due Diligence: our audit service is designed for organisations undertaking any due diligence on a 3rd party organisation. TTB will report on the status of any 3rd party organisation to ensure that it is aligned with these regulations: to ensure your data ecosystem is secure, to identify any gaps prior to investment, or mergers and acquisitions.  We can help remediate any gaps identified.

Data Impact Assessments and Legitimate Interest Assessment: reviewing the Lawful Bases for Processing: these required processes identify and minimise the data protection risks that may exist when any organisation processes personal data.


ISO 27001 (formally known as ISO/IEC 27001:2005) is a specification for an information security management system (ISMS).  It includes a framework of policies and procedures covering legal, physical and technical controls involved in an organisation's information risk management processes.

David Clarke is a certified lead auditor with experience guiding several companies through the process.

EU/ UK Representative Offices: many organisations outside Europe will be unaware that they are required to appoint a Nominated European Representative under certain conditions. Through our partnership with XpertDPO, based in Ireland, we can offer a Nominated European Representative Service (a legal requirement under GDPR Article 27). 


vDOC™ is a holistic Data Management and Security Outsourced Service that satisfies both immediate and future needs, by identifying emerging requirements and finding the most appropriate tools.  

vDOC™ provides a Pathway for organisations to follow in their Privacy Journey

More information under the Services tab 

UK & EU Representative Office 

The Trust Bridge and partners can act as your Nominated European Representative*



Our fees start from £250 (ex VAT) / US$ 270 per month to act as a UK Nominative representative

An additional £50 / US$ 70 per month for both EU and UK representative


*Article 27 GDPR Legal Requirement

Cyber Attack Simulation

Prepare for any Ransonware or Cyber attack with a fully immersive cyber incident simulation. 


Our workshops have been endorsed, and in fact developed in conjunction with IARCC (the International Association of Risk and Crisis Communication). 


As Ransomware attacks are on the increase (we are seeing them literally weekly) and the average cost of such an incident being around £4million, we feel that all senior managers should be prepared. 


TTB are co owners of an UK GDPR certification scheme with ICO-approved certification criteria

Training Accredited by Cepas Bureau Veritas plus one online course acredited by APMG as an assured NCSC training course

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The Trust Bridge Support ​

Tel:  UK: +44 (0) 207 1755 882 / USA: 803 348 000 (USA)


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